Quarterfinal Playoff Assignments

Quarterfinal playoff assignments have been posted to our playoffs page. Click here to see the crews.

1st Round Playoffs

First round playoff assignments have been posted to our playoffs page. Click here to see the crews.

2015 Playoffs List

The 2015 playoffs list is now up. Please remember that being on the list is an honor in and of itself and is not a guarantee that you will get a playoff game. Click here to see the list.

CFOA Newsletters #5 and #6

When it rains it pours! So, we're pouring two newsletters on you this week. Newsletter #5 talks about errors in judgement, authorized conferences, penalties and enforcements, penalty flag trivia, "Five Referees", and the 2015 CFOA Honoree.

CFOA Newsletter #4 and Points of Emphasis

This week's CFOA newsletter contains articles on confidence and preparation, types of fouls, heat/humidity, officiating pride, penalty enforcement, and moving/spotting the ball. Click here for the newsletter.

CFOA Newsletter #3

Today starts the football season! (Actually, there were some games yesterday, but my first game is today!) Our education continues during the season, so here's another CFOA newsletter. This week's edition deals with the passing game, distance vs. angles, equipment, sideline management and consistency, and kickers becoming runners.

CFOA Newsletter #2

Here's the new CFOA newsletter. This issue deals with correcting a down, force, "Ten Commandments of Officiating", "Why We Officiate", pace of play, free-blocking zone, and pre-snap routine.

Position Guides

I have added position guides to the website. These are materials to supplement, not replace, our mechanics book. It's a great idea to print them out and study them before your games and bring to your pregames. They can be found on our mechanics page.

Instructional Chairman's Message

Bobby Kennedy, the IC of the CFOA, will be sending out a biweekly CFOA Newsletter. This is a great tool to keep us updated with current issues that come up during the season. This week's issue deals with risk minimization, use of the whistle, rule changes, working with head coaches, and "the seven c's of officiating".

Website updates and study guide sessions

The website is nearly fully functional now. I've added the Fredie Landinguin Memorial Scholarship application, the Constitution and Bylaws, board members, board minutes, game cards, and lots of other stuff. I'm planning on adding awards next. If there's anything that you think I should include, please let me know.

The calendar has also been updated with all of our study guide sessions and our meetings, both for first-year and veteran officials. The veteran's calendar can also be found on Arbiter.



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