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Board of Directors

President: Jose Gaxiola
Vice President: James Thomas
Secretary Treasurer: Darren Winkley
Member at Large: Angel Aguirre
Member at Large: Eddie Gaxiola
Member at Large: Christian Holloway
Member at Large: Kenny James
Member at Large: Matt Rascon
Assignor: Chris McNeese
Instructional Chairman: Alex Castro


Other Non-Board Positions

CIF Liaison: Bob McQueen
Webmaster: Darren Winkley


Standing Committee Chairmen

Ratings: Angel Aguirre
Elections: Vice President
Assignor/Assignment Review: Eddie Gaxiola
Instructional Review: Kenny James
Audit/Budget: Matt Rascon
Social: Secretary-Treasurer
Fredie Landinguin Memorial Scholarship: Darren Winkley
Recruiting/Membership Christian Holloway
Mentoring: Christian Holloway
Constitution/Bylaw: Eddie Gaxiola and Darren Winkley