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Turkey Tussle Officials

The Turkey Tussle is the annual homecoming tradition between Pasadena High School and cross town rival John Muir High School.  This tradition began in 1947 when the game was played between Pasadena Community College and John Muir Junior College. These two schools played until 1953.  In 1954 the annual rivalry was played between what is now Pasadena High School and John Muir High School. For more information on the history of the Turkey Tussle, click here.



Referee: Paul Valenzuela
Umpire: Matthew Castano
Head Linesman: Angel Aguirre
Line Judge: Bill Sullivan
Back Judge: Darrel McEntarffer


Referee: Mario Miranda
Umpire: Kenny James
Head Linesman: Eddie Gaxiola
Line Judge: James Thomas
Back Judge: Michael Moore


Referee: Jeff Klein
Umpire: Karl Davis
Linesman: Joe Pavlik
Line Judge: Jose Gaxiola
Back Judge: Oscar Nunez


Referee: Chris McNeese
Umpire: Robert Centeno
Linesman: Tim Dow
Line Judge: Casey Ray
Back Judge: Matt Rascon


Referee:          Jim Johnson
Umpire:          Michael Wallace
Linesman:       Larry Martinez
Line Judge:    Adrian Rebollo
Back Judge:   John Orona


Refeee:          Henry Torres
Umpire:         Karl Davis
Linesman:      Michael Moore
Line Judge:    John Lopez
Back Judge:   Ron Thomas


Refeee:           Bob Bailey
Umpire:          Darren Winkley
Linesman:       Chris Herrera
Line Judge:     Will Fortner
Back Judge:    Patrick Curran


Refeee:     Mario Miranda
Umpire:     Alex Castro
Linesman:  Joe Pavlik
Line Judge: Bob Branson
Back Judge: Mickey Edwards


Refeee:          David Reyes
Umpire:         Jim Mulligan
Linesman:      Tim Dow
Line Judge:    Bill Sullivan
Back Judge:   Darrel McEntarffer


Refeee:          Mike Wyly
Umpire:          Alex Castro
Linesman:      Dave Hargrave
Line Judge:    Bob Bailey
Back Judge:   Bob Edis 


Refeee:         Ron Ainsworth
Umpire:         Karl Davis
Linesman:     Ygnacio Alva
Line Judge:   Mark Yoshikawa
Back Judge:  Steve Brink


Refeee:         Mario Miranda
Umpire:         Karl Davis
Linesman:     JC Holt
Line Judge:   Bill Sullivan
Back Judge:  Henry Torres