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Each year, the SGVFOA gives awards to deserving officials. In 2011, the Joe Conte, Sr. award was conceived to award officials who give back to officiating with all their heart. Joe was the first recipient of the award. He was known as "The Godfather" and officiated for over fourty years. To read about Joe Conte, Sr., please click here.

In 2014, Ernie Dominguez retired from an illustrious career of officiating. He loved to teach new officials, which he did for decades. Ernie is beloved by all in officiating. To honor him, the SGVFOA put his namesake on the rookie of the year award, making it the Ernie Dominguez Rookie of the Year Award.


Ernie Dominguez Rookie of the Year: Sam Cover
Joe Conte, Sr. Award: Bill Jackson



Most Improved: Eddie Gaxiola
Most Improved: Jim Lenoue
Ernie Dominguez Rookie of the Year: Christian Holloway
Ernie Dominguez Rookie of the Year: David Solzberg
Joe Conte, Sr. Award: Bob Beran
Honored Retiree: Ernie Dominguez
Fredie Landinguin Memorial Scholarship Ricky Hemawarman



Ernie Dominguez Rookie of the Year: De'Mond "Drew" Benton
Joe Conte, Sr. Award: Frank Villar
50 Years of Service: Ed Olvera
Special Recognition: Casey Ray
Special Recognition: Tom Sadler



Most Improved: Dave Cater
Ernie Dominguez Rookie of the Year: Henry Acero
Joe Conte, Sr. Award: Mario Mirnada
Honored Retiree: Ernie Dominguez




Rookie of the Year: Richard Ilizaliturri
Joe Conte, Sr. Award: Bob McQueen
Fredie Landinguin Memorial Scholarship Patrick Hernandez, Sr.



Most Improved: James Thomas
Rookie of the Year: Chris McCarn
Joe Conte, Sr. Award: Ernie Dominguez



Most Improved: Will Fortner
Most Improved: Adrian Rebollo
Rookie of the Year: Mike Martinez
Joe Conte, Sr. Award Dave Hull



Outstanding Referee: Mario Miranda
Outstanding Umpire: Alex Castro
Outstanding Head Linesman: Joe Pavlik
Outstanding Line Judge: Bill Sullivan
Outstanding Back Judge: Steve Brink
Rookie of the Year: Robert Robles
Joe Conte, Sr. Award: Joe Conte, Sr.
Honored Retiree: Tommy Huitron
Honored Retiree: Dick Loggins