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The website that you go to to accept games, view your schedule, take tests, get contact information for other officials, and get directions to the schools we cover. You must be a member to access this site.


Other Southern California Football Associations

The CFOA trains and certifies football officials throughout California, parts of Nevada, Hawaii and US Armed Forces in Japan. The CFOA is comprised of 26 separate units.

Officiating association for junior college, NAIA, and NCAA Div. III officials in Southern California.


Other San Gabriel Valley Officials Associations


Camps and Clinics

Click here for a fairly comprehensive list of camps and clinics.

Camp Oxy Football Officials Camp
July 14, 2018       Redondo Beach, CA            $75
August 3, 2018    Rancho Cucamonga, CA    $100
August 4, 2018    Alta Loma, CA                      $100

Elevate your officiating skills in a program like no other. Camp Oxy will provide you with on-the-field officiating work under the direct supervision of an on-the-field instructor. Instructors will come from all over Southern California to help hone your skills in NFHS five-man mechanics. During a three-hour scrimmage, instructors will be working with two or three officials, so each official will receive a great deal of individual attention. Following the scrimmage, the instructors will debrief with the officials by position. Every session will include motivational guest speakers from the highest levels of officiating, and assigners from various officiating units will also be present. Officials will leave with a renewed sense of officiating skills and motivation to bring their A game to every officiating assignment in the future. Please see the Camp Oxy brochure here.

3rd Annual Southern California Invitational Football Officials Clinic
January 14-18, 2018      Carson, CA     $350
This clinic runs in coordination with the NFL Players Associaion practices. Supervisors in attendance will be David Coleman (PAC-12) and Harold Mitchell (SWAC).




Front Range Football Officials Camp
June 9-12, 2018     Fort Collins, Colorado     $300 (2017 price)
The FRFOC is intended for NFHS five-man officiating mechanics and is taught by an excellent group of clinicians from all levels of officiating.  Campers will receive classroom lectures, on-field instruction, as well as written evaluations from some of the top officials in the country. This camp is one of the bangs for your buck!


Saturday, August 8, 2015   4:00 - 8:00 pm   Carson, CA   FREE!

The NFL Regional Combine and the Football Officiating Academy are coming to LA to present and host an officiating workshop. This FREE Academy, hosted by Regional Combine and the NFL, for individuals ages 17-30, is designed to educate future official candidates on the basic football rules and officiating philosophies. Instructors will be represented by NFL Supervisors, Scouts and Representatives


Tom Beard's Football Officials Clinic
March 9-10, 2018   Baltimore, MD   $695 On Field, $495 Classroom Only, $495 Replay ($795 and $595 respectively after 12/31/16)

The TBFOC consists of a group of experienced football officials who reside in the Washington, DC metro area. Individuals in the group have varying levels of experience ranging from high school, college, Arena, NFL Europe, and the NFL. The group’s primary focus is to train and develop the best football officials in the region.


Great Lakes Collegiate Football Officiating Clinic
April 5-7, 2018  E. Lansing, MI   $495 (On field, including housing)     $395 (On field, no housing)     $325 (Classroom only, no housing)
Clinic includes an on-field scrimmage with evaluation. Has some of the finest clinicians from the NCAA  and NFL. Considered one of the the finest collegiate clinics in the country.



Arkansas Officials Camp
April 4-April 8, 2018, Little Rock, AR     $1500 ($1200 for classroom only)

The Big 12 Conference and the Southland Conference will host its annual officiating camp in Little Rock, AR from Wednesday, April 5 – Sunday, April 9, 2017.  The camp will include 4 nights stay so that video review can begin first thing on Thursday morning.  This year’s camp will again include two college campuses: Univ. of Central Arkansas and Univ. of Arkansas Pine Bluff.  There is a possibility other campuses will be added.  All spots in the camp will include on-field work. The camp is open to all officials but attendance will be limited to 64 officials (8 crews) by position to complete the registration process and be selected.  The registration fee of $1500 includes all camp fees, room/tax, meals, and meeting instructional videos.  The UCA and UAPB football teams will be used for all live on-field work. Please note that the normal website for this camp is having difficulties. Please click here for more information about the camp. Please click here for the registration form.

Lehigh Valley Collegiate Football Officials Clinic
March 23-24, 2018          Bethlehem, PA             $200 (2017 price)
The LVCFOC represents the finest instruction you will receive anywhere in the USA. Sessions on will consist of NCAA Plays for review from last year (Bowl games and Regular Season from all levels), Superior presentations from our outstanding clinicians, special guest speakers, breakout sessions by position, and campers' roundtable discussion topics

South Florida Officiating Camp
May 5-6, 2017   Miami, FL    $1050 (2016 price)
Participants in this camp will be exposed to the latest philosophies,  techniques, and mechanics available at the highest levels in football officiating. What's Included: Professional and Collegiate Instructors, College Football Supervisors, Two Days of Live "On-Field" Team Scrimmages, Seven Man NCAA Mechanics, Live In-Game Instruction and Critique, DVD of Field Work, Classroom Video Instruction


Harold Mitchell Football Officials Camp
May 10-12, 2018         Houston, TX             $900
The Harold Mitchell Football Officials Camp is an annual educational event that provides football officials the opportunity to hone their officiating skillset. The camp is held at various locations throughout the South. The camp serves the single purpose of training football officials that aspire to become better officials. The Harold Mitchell Football Camp proudly boasts a superior staff of clinicians which consists of active and retired officials and supervisors from the NFL, ACC, SEC, Big XII, SWAC, Conference USA, PAC XII, Big East, Lone Star and Big Ten


Stars and Stripes Academy
May 17-20, 2018     Salt Lake City, UT     $1500 (on-field), $750 (classroom only)
Stars and Stripes Academy (SASA) is designed to be a specialized training academy to train and prepare entry level College football officials or very experienced High School officials to work at the Division-I (D-I) college level, or what we refer to as “Big Time” college football. Attending SASA is certainly no guarantee that after you finish the Academy will you get hired by a D-I conference. This training is designed to be advanced training that is not replicated anywhere in the country, it is a one-of-a-kind.


El Paso Football Officials Camp (formerly known as the West Texas Football Officials Clinic)
May 26-27, 2017          El Paso, TX             $700
Learn from top-level collegiate clinicians and fine tune your mechanics with two days of on-field instruction. Instruction incorporates live team action from the Spring Games/Scrimmages of local teams with a video review and classroom follow-up to help improve your skills. Visit with officials from high school through NCAA D-I to get advice on moving to the next level and improving your game for the upcoming season. Clinicians tentatively scheduled to participate have experience in the WAC, MWC, C-USA and Big 12. (Note: On-field positions for this clinic sold out in under two hours!


Tait-Consul Football Officials Camp
June 26-38, 2018     Cedar City, UT          $695 On Field,    $295 Replay
Tait - Consul Football Officiating Camp is a 3-day clinic held @ Southern Utah University designed to improve your skills as a football official. You will work scrimmages in crews of 7, while receiveing valuable feedback from Division I & Division II officials.



 Football Officials International Aloha Clinic
 March 24-26, 2017     Honolulu, HI
The Aloha Clinic is open to any level official who is interested in developing skills and making friends. All officials will benefit from the instruction and feedback from our great instructors.


Educational Materials and Publications

American Sport Educations Program
An educational group for officials and coaches. Offers self-study classes in various sports. When you pass a course, you are entered into a national registry of officials.

A website by NFL referee and Big 12 supervisor Walt Anderson. The site is mainly college-focused and has video, mechanics, testing, clinic information, and lots of other good stuff.

Referee Magazine
Serving the officiating community for more than 25 years, Referee is written for, by, and about officials, offering information, insight, education, and entertainment. A subscription to Referee is included with NASO membership.

Reddings Study Guide
Study guides for NFHS and NCAA rules.

Maker of CD-ROMs for studying NCAA rules and mechanics. Also makes CD-ROMs for NCAA baseball and basketball.

Interactive NCAA rule book interlaced with case playes and video.

By the creator of Ruletool.info, Ruletest challenges you to improve your rules knowledge of the American college football rules. Ruletest uses the officials NCAA rules. The service is based on practical and real-life questions, giving you the perfect preparation for your next football game football (as official, coach, player or fan). Ruletest integrates a large database of college football questions with video clips and pictures. This makes Ruletest suitable for all experience levels!


  • The NFHS Officials Association membership includes liability insurance for officials and is $40.00 ($35.00 if you join online). For a summary of insurance coverage, click here. To sign up for or to get more information on the NFHS Officials Association, go to http://www.nfhs.org/To order through the mail and pay by check, you will have to download the order form here.
  • The National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) includes liability insurance with membership and is the world's largest organization for sports officials at every level and all sports. NASO membership usually costs $116, but may be available for less if you enter the promotion code M93ABTN on the signup page. I don't know if the discount code still works, but it's worth a shot! If that code doesn't work for you, code M2NASON should work and save you $10. NASO includes the monthly Referee magazine. To sign up for NASO, go to http://www.naso.org/.

Officiating Supplies

Based out of Ann Arbor, MI, Honigs Whistle Stop was started by Big 10 Official Dick Honig in 1984 and is now owned by NFL official and Long Beach Football Officials Association alumnus Greg Wilson.

Cliff Keen Officials
Dedicated to creating the most reliable, comfortable, durable and practical official's gear on the planet. Major high school, collegiate, and professional associations look to Cliff Keen as their leading manufacturer for officials apparel. Use promo code CKADVANTAGE for 20% off.

Gerry Davis Sports
Quality umpire and referee equipment and apparel from the Major League Baseball umpire. Yes, he does have football equipment.

Stripes Plus
Umpire and referee supply store out of Amarillo, TX.

Purchase Officials Supplies
Purchase Officials Supplies is owned and operated by sports officials who are committed to improving your appearance by conveniently providing the best products at competitive prices.

U.S. Official's Supplies
Located in Redondo Beach, U.S. Official's Supplies is the only major sports officials supplier in Southern California and carries a variety of products from manufacturers including Smitty, Adidas, Fox 40, Reebok, Richardson, Under Armour, New Balance, and more.



Battlefields to Ballfields
Battlefields to Ballfields provides veterans an opportunity to integrate back into their communities through officiating and scholarships. The Foundation pays for uniforms and dues that are required by the associations the veterans will join at the local level. Battlefields to Ballfields will pay for their equipment, training materials, insurance, and provide a mentor--who will train and follow them as they move up the ladder in officiating.

National Association of Sports Officials (NASO)
NASO is the only national organization solely dedicated to officiating with membership at all levels of sport. From the National Football League to Pop Warner, from Major League Baseball to Little League of America, from the National Basketball Association to youth and recreational programs across America, NASO is there. Over 19,000 officials worldwide belong to NASO.

The governing body for high school football in most states. Provides instructional materials and rule interpretations.

Website with standings and statistics for high schools in California. Great resource for finding out team colors, nickname, league, and head coach.

USA Football
USA Football is an independent non-profit organization whose purpose is to galvanize, support and promote the sport at all levels of amateur football.

Excel Sports Officiating (ESO and eofficials.com)
ESO provides innovative educational programs on a national level for officials across the lines of sport and experience.

Website of Rich Kollen (Mountain West Conference, Supervisor of Officials for the Mission Conference)

Mid Coast Officials Association (Florida). This link goes directly to a page with NFHS qualification questions from the 2003 exam.

Northern Alabama Football Officials Association
A good website by the NAFOA with good instructional materials, including the Play of the Day mailing list.

Northern Kentucky Officials Association
This link goes directly to some training materials provided by the NKOA.

A website for officials of different sports. Includes a forum where you can ask questions and discuss officiating.

Ray Lutz Crew
A website for an officiating crew in Colorado. Has case book plays, a forum, rules interpretations, etc.

Rom Gilbert
A college official's website with NCAA quizzes. More of his quizzes can be found here: 2000   2001  2002   2003   2004   2005