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2018 Playoffs

Congratulations to the following officials for earning a spot on the 2018 playoffs list. Please remember that making the list is an honor in and of itself and is not a guarantee of getting a playoff game.

Henry Acero Angel Aguirre De'Mond Benton Bob Branson Alex Castro  Dave Cater
Robert Centeno Patrick Curran Michael Davis Tim Dow Will Fortner Eddie Gaxiola
Jose Gaxiola Ricky Hemawarman Chris Herrera Christian Holloway Kenny James, Sr. Jeff Klein
Mike Klementich Jim Lenoue Mike Martinez Chris McCarn Darrel McEntarffer Chris McNeese
Bob McQueen Tracy Mendoza Mario Miranda Michael Moore Joe Pavlik Robert Plancich
Juan Puentes Matt Rascon Bill Sullivan James Thomas Rob Tino Paul Valenzuela
  Mike Wallace Darren Winkley Jeff Wong Mark Yoshikawa  








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